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Introducing Vantage, and our Female Founder Growth Series

Hello, we're Vantage 👋🏼

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

At Vantage, we build growth programmes designed to help UK startups scale effectively, and empower diverse innovation.

Our growth programmes provide a series of specially-curated events, offering early-stage founders the support, guidance, and networking opportunities that they need to build meaningful business connections, and shine in front of investors.

Succeeding in a raise is a notoriously tough task, with competition at an all-time high. VC investors are handing out hundreds of ‘no’s every week.

In fact, research estimates that there are less than 100 acceptances granted across the span of a whole year.

To cut through the competition, and walk away from investors with your funding goal secured, founders need specialist preparation and expertise.

Each of our growth series’ will specialise in a niche area of entrepreneurship, providing each cohort of successful applicants with personalised mentorship and directly applicable skills to be carried to the boardroom, and on through their career.

So, who are we to educate founders about the many important aspects of business that will make them more investable?

Well, our team is experienced in the world of startups, as well as corporate finance.

And with the input of our portfolio of expert partners, Vantage has the tools to drive early-stage businesses towards success.

Whether it's workshops covering pitch decks, presentation skills, building a winning team, or legal advice, we call upon speakers that are masters in their field.

Our founder cohorts gain access to insider knowledge, and a deep dive that can’t be replicated through a Google search.

Goodbye Zoom webinars. Hello hands-on events!

Introducing the Female Founder Growth Series 🚀

Applications for our brand-new growth programme - the Female Founder Growth Series - are open!

So, why Female Founders?

Female underrepresentation within entrepreneurship and innovation indicates a fundamentally flawed funding system.

Today, only 2% of venture capital funds are allocated to female-led startups, even though gender diversity within businesses has been proven to generate greater return on investment (ROI).

In total, The World Bank estimates the funding gap between men and women to be valued at £1.3 trillion.

The finance sector needs to implement solutions from the top down to help solve this – such as getting more women on investor panels – but this kind of change takes a long time to come into effect.

So, we decided to do something that can generate results, quickly.

After pinpointing the wants and needs of both female founders and VC investors, we’ve put together eight weekly workshops designed to get female entrepreneurs ‘investor-ready’, and maximise their chances of securing funding.

Running from the 20th April – 8th June, our Female Founders Growth Series will delve into the following important business aspects:

1. Navigating the world of fundraising

We kick off our eight-week growth series by opening the floor to each of our cohort members, as well as experts of the corporate finance landscape, who will map out world of funding.

2. How HR can help you scale effectively

Even before hiring your first employee, you're already making People decisions. From how you communicate internally, how you share knowledge, articulate your vision, plan and execute, to how you interact with potential candidates, you're constantly building the Employee Experience and Culture of your Company.

We'll take you through the People, Culture & Core HR aspects you need to consider at the very start to ensure you can scale effectively.

3. Conducting market research

You’ll learn the vital primary and secondary market research strategies to shape value propositions, validate ideas and pitch ventures, and predict consumer behaviour. ​We'll run through where you can find crucial data, how to pick the right customer segment, how to size a market, and so much more.​

4. Perfecting your presentation skills

The Power Presenter workshop encapsulates more than a decade of research into a model that works for every business, equipping founders with techniques used by the world’s leading presenters.

5. Fine-tune your pitch deck

Learn how to effectively structure your pitch deck to maximise your chance of investment and create a compelling narrative that resonates with the investor panel. What critical information should be included and highlighted in your pitch deck? From content to design, we’ll look at how you should dress your deck to ensure your company's brand shines through.

6. Building founder resilience

Being a female founder isn’t easy. Resilience is vital in order to be a successful entrepreneur in an often male-dominated environment. From pitching, to defending your financial narrative, and from networking, to leading teams - we'll look at how to maintain your values, create certainty and remain resilient. You’ll walk away from this workshop with a growth mindset, and the ability to stay connected to your goals.

7. All things legal

Do you want to make sure you have all of your legal ducks in a row, so you can scale your business safely? This workshop will cover all things legal, from approaching a raise, to drafting contracts, from trademarking, to protecting your brand – let’s make sure you’re legally safeguarded.

8. Pitch night

The final workshop of the series puts everything you've learned during the programme into practice, with the opportunity to present your new and improved pitch. The pitch night event will give each member of the cohort the chance to receive valuable feedback from the experts and your fellow founders.

With your sharpened skillset and comprehensive feedback, you'll be ready to present your business to that all-important investor panel.

Click here to read more about each of our Female Founder workshops, and their hosts.

How to join our Female Founder Growth Series - Spring Cohort 🏆

Applications for our Female Founder Growth Series are now open! We welcome all female-led startups to apply for the Spring 2022 cohort. You just have to be UK registered.

All of our events take place in-person, just like the good old days.

Successful applicants have the opportunity to meet and network with likeminded entrepreneurs, share connections, make valuable introductions, and socialise!

The application process is easy, just enter your details here.

From there, we’ll reach out to shortlisted candidates to find out more about yourself and your startup.

Applications close on Friday 25th March, and successful candidates will be notified by 18:00 on Monday 4th April.

Good luck!

We can’t wait to meet you.


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