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Introducing the MedTech Growth Series

Who are we?

We’re Vantage. 👋🏼

We build growth programmes designed to help UK startups reach their growth potential.

Our series of targeted programmes work by proactively mentoring founders through the key challenges that they’re bound to run into whilst building a business. These challenges are broken down into in-person workshops that run every week for the course of six weeks and are led by our portfolio of expert partners.

Achieving and sustaining business growth is a difficult task, and we want to make it easier for entrepreneurs to continue meaningful work that contributes to a better society.

But what lead us to educate founders about the characteristics of a scalable business?

Well, our team is experienced in the world of startups and corporate finance. And with the input of our ever-growing portfolio of expert partners, Vantage has the tools to drive early-stage businesses towards success.

Whether it's workshops covering pitch decks, presentation skills, recognising and protecting IP, or legal advice, we call upon speakers that are masters in their field.

Each of our cohorts gain access to insider knowledge and a deep dive that can’t be replicated through a Google search.

Plus, they’ll gain access to an exclusive set of benefits offering discounted rates for a selection of services designed to supercharge their growth at every turn.

Introducing our brand new programme, the MedTech Growth Series

Applications for our brand new growth programme - the MedTech Growth Series – are officially open!

The UK’s Medical sector has long been recognised for breaking new ground and contributing to the evolution of healthcare across the globe.

The integration of medical treatments with technology has been on the rise since a significant spike between 2017 and 2020, and following the seismic impact of COVID-19, MedTech research and development has catapulted to new heights.

In response to the digital reinvention of healthcare, innovation has accelerated within a range of services and sub-sectors.

The MedTech Growth Series is a six-week programme designed to help health-focused businesses grow and scale, giving founders the tools to pioneer the new wave of medical advances in the UK.

Taking place every Tuesday from 18th October – 22nd November, the MedTech Growth Series will explore:

💡 Week 1: Understanding the MedTech Landscape

We kick off our six-week programme by opening the floor to Venture Capital experts who will map out the investment landscape across the MedTech and HealthTech industries.

We'll also be joined by impact-driven MedTech founders who have successfully progressed through the investment process, offering you first-hand advice, and what they wish they'd known to begin with.

💡 Week 2: Legal 101 for Startups

Let’s face it, starting a company is exciting, but it’s also extremely difficult. Founders have countless questions, and endless opportunities, but limited time and money to address them.

During this Legal 101 workshop, we’ll address the most fundamental legal matters all startups face. From incorporation and tax considerations, to financing, operating, and growing your business, let’s ensure you have your legal ducks in a row.

💡 Week 3: Understanding IP

This workshop will engage our cohort in scenarios to better understand the process of value creation and retention through intellectual property (IP). Our market-leading IP specialist will guide our cohort through preventing the loss of IP, IP ownership, software patenting, trade secrets, confidentiality, how to go about collaboration, IP Risk Management, and more.

💡 Week 4: PR & Communications Strategy

In any sector, there’s no escaping communications. It's the cornerstone of your scalability. Every conversation, every email, and every interaction is an opportunity to deliver value.

This workshop, presented by a PR & Communications agency that specialises in the HealthTech space, explains how to define your messaging to maintain cohesive, authentic brand values. Our founders will come away from this workshop knowing how to base their messaging when updating their website, pitching to an investor, and speaking to a prospect.

💡 Week 5: All Things Data

Data management plays a key role for any startup, more so for businesses operating in the MedTech sector. Adopting efficient early-stage strategies and utilising sophisticated data analytics can save a business both time and money. This workshop will guide our cohort through all things data, from data collection, analysis, and importantly – keeping your data secure.

💡 Week 6: Showcase Evening

The final workshop of the series puts everything you've learned during the programme into practice, with the opportunity to present your new and improved pitch. The showcase evening will give each member of the cohort the chance to receive valuable feedback from our expert partners, special guests, and of course - your fellow founders. With your sharpened skillset, and armed with comprehensive feedback, you'll be ready to supercharge the growth of your MedTech business.

Learn more about our MedTech Growth Series workshops and the expert partners hosting them.

How to join the MedTech Growth Series

We’re now taking applications for the Autumn Cohort of our MedTech Growth Series!

We welcome all health-focused businesses to apply, provided that they:

Are UK registered

Are pre-seed or early seed stage

Have been trading for 1-3 years

Are able to demonstrate market traction

Have 1 or more active clients/pilots

All of our events take place in a modern, vibrant workspace in London.

Aside from being able to scale their businesses effectively, successful applicants will be able to meet and network with like-minded entrepreneurs, access an empowering network, make valuable introductions, and have fun!

The application process is easy, and it takes less than a minute to get started.

Just submit your details, and if you’re shortlisted, we’ll reach out to find out more about yourself and your startup.

Good luck!

We can’t wait to meet you. 👇🏼


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