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Introducing our Autumn '23 Programmes

Following a busy start to the year, we're excited to introduce the Autumn series of our Accelerator programmes which are due to launch very soon!

This Autumn, we'll be taking on another three cohorts of innovative UK startups, across three different programmes, helping them access investment and offering introductions to our network of VC investors.

With the help of our expert workshop partners, our Accelerators are comprised of six interactive, in-person workshops. These sessions have been specifically curated to help startup founders through the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey; offering specialist support, guidance and networking opportunities.

At Vantage, we know fundraising isn't easy especially considering that VCs grant less than 100 acceptances per year. So that's why our Accelerators have no programme fee and won't dilute your equity.

If you're ready to benefit from a Vantage Accelerator sign up for our programme waitlists here!

In the meantime, let's take a look at our upcoming Autumn programmes in more detail;

HealthTech Accelerator

We ran a MedTech programme last year, which brought together an incredible cohort of founders changing the space in the MedTech space.

So, what’s the difference between MedTech and HealthTech?

The initial similarity is that both industries connect technological advancement with healthcare. HealthTech has a much wider scope of what is considered technology – anything from wearables, applications, or even databases concerned with healthcare fall under HealthTech. MedTech, then technically falls under the HealthTech umbrella as its focus is on physical aspects of the tech such as medical equipment or prosthesis.

This year’s HealthTech programme opens up to a wider range of innovative startups in the healthcare space – from women’s fertility to mental health.

This field has seen a resurgence in popularity, and funding, over the last couple of years in particular due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With workshop topics including Legel 101, Understanding IP, All Things Data and PR & Communications strategy our Accelerator covers all the topic your HealthTech or MedTech startup needs to know as they grow.

Female Founder Accelerator

We’re excited to bring back one of our most popular programmes: the Female Founder Accelerator!

Why do we continue running this programme?

While there were more than 150,000 new companies launched by women in the UK in 2022, all-female-led businesses are still only receiving under 2% of VC funding.

To act against this fundamentally flawed system of funding, running our Female Founder Accelerator is our way of supporting Female Founders in the UK by giving them the tools to become investor-ready.

SaaS Accelerator

The ‘Software as a Service’ industry is one of the most popular and lucrative in the UK.

Revenue within SaaS in the UK is projected to reach £33.2bn by the end of 2023, with a revenue growth of 5.3%. Digital transformation is occurring across all sectors, which makes user-friendly SaaS solutions convenient but also necessary.

Despite any macro-economic blips, this new necessity for SaaS solutions ensures that the industry is here to stay and only grow in the next couple of years.

This has only made accessing investment opportunities more difficult as competition amongst SaaS businesses increased.

With six weeks of workshops tailored to benefit early-stage SaaS businesses, we’re here to help you become investor ready – as well as facilitate introductions to some of the leading UK investors.

Join our SaaS waitlist.

How can you apply?

Applications will soon be opening for all four of our upcoming Accelerators! To be the first to know when they open, sign up to your preferred programmes waitlist:

Of course our HealthTech and SaaS programmes are sector-specific, but the eligibility criteria remains the same across all four accelerators.

Businesses must be:

  1. UK registered

  2. 1-3 Years Trading

  3. Are pre-seed/early seed

  4. Able to demonstrate market traction

  5. Minimum 1 active client or pilot

Submitting your application takes less than a minute, but can equip you with skills that last a lifetime. If you’re shortlisted, we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible – sign up to the waitlist today!


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